Swoon at Your Own Risk by Sydney SalterToday we’ll be looking at Swoon at Your Own Risk by award-winning author Sydney Salter.

Let’s look at what Sydney does to hook us on the first page.

The Page

 Chapter One

I am not noticing his green eyes.  Or the way the sun has already streaked his hair blond.  I am not. Sawyer taps his pen against the clipboard (annoying, right?) while he reads “the lowdown” of daily Wild Waves assignments.  I tug the front of my swimsuit up for the millionth time, only half listening.  I despise this stupid uniform: red bandana-patterned, one-piece bathing suit (cut too low!), supershort cutoffs, and a star-shaped nametag that reads Deputy Polly (so lame).

I could have gotten a summer job at the mall like a normal person–with benefits such as air conditioning, employee discounts, and the perk of wearing, you know, clothing. Instead, I’m stuck standing in various Old West-themed pools of luke-warm pee, trying to prevent kids from drowning while their mothers lounge around in the shade reading trashy magazines…

Why It Works

This is another book that draws us in with character. With the first line–“I am not noticing his green eyes.”–we of course know the character is noticing those eyes and also know she likes this guy. Sydney is pitch-perfect getting into the mind of a teen: “so lame,” not paying attention, and more. This character feels real and is feeling things readers feel so you’re immediately drawn in. Through this opening and the catchy title, we know we are in for a fun and romantic time!