Fast and the Furious Final Check In (sort of)

June 1, 2017

“Deadlines just aren’t real to me until I’m staring one in the face.”
― Rick Riordan

I’m actually not in another state this week! It’s a miracle. But it’s been a busy week nonetheless. I’m feeling equal parts excitement and panic right now about this book. (And sorry to those of you who received two of the same post – I goofed things up, including my numbering. Ah, well…)

Finishing the Story?

My goal was May 16 to have the story fleshed out enough that I could print it and go through and smooth things out by hand. Well, today is June 1 and I still haven’t gotten all the way through to the end. ARGH. Why not?

  • Midpoint flip flopping. I think I was overthinking this a bit, going back to various definitions from novelists and screenwriters of what should happen here. I think I’ve finally got it—at least for now—and am writing as if that’s it.
  • New scenes needed. As I think I mentioned last week, often when I finished one scene, I saw the need for another one. That’s just the process, but it sometimes feels like I’m doing the whole one step forward, two steps back business.
  • Opening scene change. I revised the opening for excellent reasons, but then had to go through and make notes in the scenes that would be affected by that change. Sigh.

On the upside, I’ve started placing and revising the flashback scenes and it’s making sense so far.

And I’m very glad I’m still working in Scrivener because I’m still shifting scenes around—the software makes that SO easy.

How Much Purple?

If you’ve been following these posts, you know that I color-coded scenes that still needed attention. Purple means brand news scenes I have to write. There are still some left, but I’m getting closer!

I’ve been writing like crazy so I really hope that next week I’m reporting that the manuscript has either been sent to my group and my agent or it’s about to be sent. Fingers crossed—well, when they aren’t on my keyboard. 🙂