I’m happy to report that the title for the sequel is going to be my original title—Access Denied (and other eighth grade error messages). Of course, there can always be a change at the last minute but everyone seems pretty confident that this is the title that will fly. The official publication date is July 1, 2009 so here’s to some fun summer reading!

I just received page proofs last week—these are pages that are way cool because they are in final design and look like how the book will look when it’s published. It’s my last chance to correct any mistakes so I’m working on that as it’s due back next week! I loved everything about the Click Here design—from the fabulous cover to the wonderful blog pages inside—and was so happy to see that the designer for Access Denied did an equally wonderful job. The cover is wonderful (you can see it on the Access Denied page) and her re-design of Erin’s blog reflects Erin’s own maturity and computer knowledge. It rocks!