So, school is back in session for my kids. I’m into a good rhythm of writing, working out, yoga, and meditation. The new book is cranking so I’m really happy. One fun thing that happened last week was a minor character who plays a small role in the story really started to strut his stuff a little more in the first third of the book. It’s was very interesting how he asserted himself. Every time he showed up I knew I’d have a good time. So that’s been fun. And, like in life, there are some writing lessons you have to learn over and over. For me, it’s not being married to the existing chronology. This happened to me with CLICK HERE, when I couldn’t see I had
multiple endings until my wonderful editor pointed it out. The only way to fix it was to change the chronology around. Bingo! A much smoother and more satisfying ending to that book.

In my current book, herein known as Book #2 until I have a title, I kept having this nagging feeling that we needed to get to this one scene sooner, but I couldn’t see how to do it because all this other stuff needs to come before to set things up. Wrong. Some of it needs to be in the book but it can come after. I just had to, once again, remember to look at it scene by scene and see what scenes needed to be in the sequence and which scenes (or whole sequences) could be moved or removed, as the case may be. I’m finding a lot of scenes are completely unnecessary and I’m having no problem hacking out entire sections of this book to make room for new material and just to keep it lean and clean.