My oldest graduated from 8th grade on Friday and it’s been a whirlwind of events. He attended a parochial school since preschool so it was a big deal. Lots of fun but hard to believe he’ll be in high school come fall. We hosted a party for his whole class (about 45 teens) and were very lucky that the weather held so we didn’t have to go to Plan B—Inside Party. It was touch and go with cold, heavy
winds, and some light rain but we were lucky—parts of northern Colorado were seriously damaged when a tornado touched down. Many schools were on lockdown and those areas further away from the tornado were hit by a serious hailstorms with hail the size of golf balls. I have lots of friends up there but so far everyone I’ve heard from is okay. I’m so relieved.

In more mundane writing news, I did manage to complete the copyedits for the CLICK HERE sequel and sent those off on Wednesday. Hooray! The next phase will be the page proofs, which gets us that much closer to publication next year.

My goal of finishing my new YA in time for my May critique group meeting on May 16 didn’t happen—surprise. But I’m feeling good about getting it finished in time for the June 20 meeting. I hit a place that I always do with each novel I write when I ask myself what the heck I’m doing. I’m convinced I have no story and no one will want to read the darn thing so why am I bothering? Luckily, since I
have experienced this with every single book I’ve written, I know I need to just ride it out and write it out. The new book does have a story and I know how to make it even stronger so even if I’m having doubts, I will keep plowing forward.