I was in 8th grade when the first Star Wars came out way back in 1977. I adored the movie. Okay, I was OBSESSED. My mom indulged me by creating iron-on patches so I could have the words STAR and WARS down the bottom of my favorite jeans. I wore them almost every day.

I bought the soundtrack (vinyl, baby – see left) and played it constantly on my stereo, running the movie through my mind as I listened, and occasionally acting out scenes.

I was crazy for Luke Skywalker (and actually dated a guy later who kind of looked like Mark Hamill).

Bought the three movies when they came out in VHS, then the DVDs. (but not the “new” ones, just couldn’t get into them – sorry, GL).

So, yeah, I LOVED and still LOVE Star Wars; those first three are a little bit sacred to me, which is why when I heard about Angry Birds Star Wars, I went, “Say what?”

I admit they are a little bit cute in the promos. ¬†They even managed to make Darth Vader cute and I’m not quite sure how since there’s not much you can do with a black helmet. And the fact that DV (good grief, we have the same initials – how come I never noticed that before?) and the stormtroopers will be little piggies is kind of funny.

So, we shall see. I don’t play Angry Birds because I’m afraid I’ll get addicted. That’s what happened years ago when I played Zoo Tycoon. I couldn’t keep up with all of my animal responsibilities and things began to run amok. It was so stressful!

Luke, you’re now an angry little red bird. Enjoy the feathers.

(no tired “force be with you” line to end this.

You’re welcome)