Back in the 80’s, I subscribed to the now-defunct Premiere magazine (such a sad day – LOVED that magazine – I was an inaugural subscriber and remained  a subscriber until they cancelled it). I went years without finding another film mag that would satisfy my desire to go behind the scenes–I was a film/TV major at UCLA–as well as get news on actors, directors, and what films were coming out in the months ahead.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I decided to spend the bucks and subscribe to The Hollywood Reporter, which of course led to the THR app–movie news on the go! Whoa. Does it get any better than that?

I’ve loved delving in to the world of film again– but wait. There was also a lot of stuff about TV. So I started reading articles about different shows and got interested in knowing more so I watched old episodes and got a better handle on what was what.

All that reading about TV shows got me interested in watching the Emmys, which I haven’t seen in…dare I say it? At least a decade. (It’s strange to be old enough to be able to talk in decades, but there you go).

The Emmys are a different animal than the Oscars. No singing, no big orchestra that I could see–more casual and playful, with a good mix of humor. There were a lot of film stars in the audience, not surprising since a lot of them are doing television or producing it.

It gave me enough of a fix to get me to Feb 24 (Oscar Night) – woohoo!