With the launch of my totally new and improved website, I thought I’d better write at least one more

Let’s see. I’m still working on that YA novel from the boy’s POV and it’s going along really well. I’m
having lots of fun with the characters and the story. At the end of February I met with two friends who
are also Denver police officers because my character gets into a bit of trouble with the law. They were
fabulously helpful, as was a juvenile court judge who responded to a series of questions I had. I’m
very excited to incorporate all of the stuff I learned about the Denver juvenile justice system into my

Did you see the Blab-o-Readers page? I’m very excited to FINALLY have something up from all of my
very, very patient readers who have written. If you haven’t had a chance to read some of their
messages to me and my replies, you should definitely check it out. I am going to try very, very hard
to respnd once a week to e-mails that come in!

I’m also determined to write in this blab and update Erin’s blog more frequently so let’s see if I can do
it and still write my books!