That just may be the title of a new book I want to write! 🙂 As many of you know I’ve been growing and changing and am becoming more aware of what motivates me to write and a recent conversation made me start to ponder the connection between spirituality and writing – or any work that we do.

Years ago I was talking to a writer about doing a writing workshop at our church together. “But I write fiction,” she said.

“So do I,” I replied. “Don’t you find the experience to be a spiritual one at times?”

She had to think for a second before nodding slowly. But I’m not sure she was completely convinced.

How do people define “spirituality” (vs “religion” – or perhaps for some it’s the same thing?) Do we see it as separate from our “regular” life? If so, why? If we have integrated it into our everyday experiences, does that include writing or other creative endeavors, as well as work, play, relationships? Should spirituality be separate from these things, practiced separately, and not brought into the creative process, workplace, or our relationships with colleagues, family and friends?

I have a lot of questions!

My spirituality as I define it is intimately connected with my writing–even more so now that I’ve been exploring my writing purpose more intently–and drives it in a way that makes it more meaningful and satisfying. And I’ve seen the spirituality/essence/core of other writers too. At Saturday’s goal setting workshop, Shari Caudron connected writing and spirituality without hesitation and without apology. I could see it and feel it from her and it enriched my workshop experience even more.

As for a book about this topic, I have a sense it is something I may end up doing; but I’m not ready yet–and maybe readers aren’t either. 🙂

I would LOVE to hear how others feel about this or your own definitions and experience. If you would prefer to share privately, you can reach me through the Just Blabbin’ Contact form!