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  1. Hi Miss Denise! Sorry if I wasnt able to catch up on your replies.. Too bad I cant see them :(( I am the one who’s asking for the access denied book. hehe the one who want to buy it from you 🙁 If it will be okay with you, I really would appreciate if you will email me 🙂 THANKS SO MUCH MISS DENISE! My semester break is coming and I cant wait for the book! Im so excited 🙂

    • Hi! If you see this, I’ve asked my sister/moderator to get in touch and get your address so we can get the ball rolling!

      • Love it! I already replied and sent you my address! Thanks Miss Denise!

        • Awesome!

          • Hi Miss Denise! Any update regarding how much the book + the shipping will cost? 🙂 I also want to know if how much will I still need to add if I’ll get the facts of life too 😀 Thanks so much! Birthday’s coming on Monday!! <3

          • So sorry! We had a family situation come up so we are behind on this. We’ll get it to you asap! And early happy birthday!!! xoxo

  2. Hi Denise, I love your books! I come here seeking advice. See, I’ve had a crush on this guy since 6th grade, now I’m in 8th. Is it bad to have a crush that long? Also, I really want to tell him how I feel, but he already likes someone else. Thanks!

    • It’s so interesting that you asked this. In my book, FACT OF LIFE #31, my main character has a crush on a guy for four or five years (off and on, but mostly on) and some of my critique group thought this was way too long.

      Anyway, back to your question. First of all, how you feel isn’t bad or good, it just is. So I hope you aren’t judging yourself because of how long you’ve liked this guy. It’s okay. Just be open to other possibilities. I spent a good chunk of my junior year pining over a senior who didn’t know I existed and wished I could have spent more time enjoying some guy friends or even going out on a date with other guys who liked me.

      As for telling him how you feel, does the girl he likes like him back? It’s interesting how sometimes when we find out someone likes us, we start to look at them differently (Erin experiences this in ACCESS DENIED). If they like each other, it’s probably not the best time to share your feelings. If he likes her, but she doesn’t like him, maybe you can start by being friends and seeing how that goes and maybe share your feelings later on. I’m a huge fan of friends first because that’s how it was with my husband and me :-). Good luck and keep us posted on how things go!

  3. Hi Denise! How are you? My birthday is so close I’m getting nervous….I’m finally going to be 14 on October 16 can you believe it? I remember reading your books when I was 12 haha. Do you remember your 14th birthday?

  4. hey Denise!
    I’m kinda needing advice. I really like a older guy who doesn’t really know me. I told my friend that I would kiss him on the last day of school next year. I don’t know how that’ll happen since I’m gonna be in 8th and he’ll be in the high school. ( my school is kinder-12th) I might be moving schools. (had some bad experiences with this one) So I thought I might as well make a move before I leave. But now I’m worried about what’ll happen…….
    THANKS 🙂

    • Wow. That is quite a plan! First of all, I’m sorry you’ve had some bad experiences at your school but glad your parents are supportive and that you may try to start fresh somewhere else. But it sounds like you will still go there for another year, so hopefully you have some ways of coping and dealing with things that may come up.

      As for Operation Steal-a-Kiss, springing a kiss on someone, especially if you don’t really know each other…I think you are right to be hesitant about it. Sure it might be fun and daring to kiss someone you like and then run off and never see him again because you’re switching schools. But what about him? I always try to turn the tables when I’m pondering something that involves someone else. How would I feel if some random guy just came up and kissed me and then ran away? I don’t think I’d be very happy, to be honest. It would feel like a violation. Now the guy may or may not have that reaction, but why risk that? Especially if you like him?

      And a lot can happen in a year. You may get to know him a little or your feelings may change. Or you may connect with a guy who connects with you and have an entirely different experience. Or you may decide to have an amazing eighth grade year that is full of fun girlfriend time with little or no boy stuff (is that even possible?!)

      But hmmm…this might make a good story. “The Stolen Kiss.” You should write it! Or maybe I will…ha! Keep us posted on what you decide and how your year goes!

  5. Hi Denise. Idk if you would like to, but I totally recommend this book, DIVERGENT!! It is the first book in a series that this author, Veronica Roth wrote. It is my 3rd fav series, in which Click here! Is my 1st, Virals is my second, then Divergent is last. BUT MY FAVV 1 is the HUNGERGAMES!!!! I am absolutely excited for Catching Fire, the 2nd book in the HUNGERGAMES to hit theaters. But I have another question for you. Have you ever noticed that the books who become movies, the covers, I mean, aren’t of people? I always wondered If the book cover had anything to do with the book becoming a movie…

    • DIVERGENT has been on and off my reading list since it came out! When I first got it from the library last year, I had read a bunch of dystopian books and I think I was burned out. But now I have it on hold again so I’ll read it! I’m excited CLICK HERE is still on your fave list with HUNGER GAMES – I feel honored. I loved that trilogy too, though didn’t like the third book as much as I liked the first two. Can’t wait for the 2nd movie!

      That’s a very interesting observation about the connection between covers and movies. I never noticed that. I’m sure it’s not intentional, but very curious all the same. HARRY POTTER has illustrated pictures of him and/or the other characters but when you think of TWILIGHT, HUNGER GAMES, etc, you’re right! Too funny.

    • i read Divergent! and insurgent. I loved it. i liked it better than the hunger games becasue i could relate to it more. more romance aspect in it and adventure. it can be really suspenseful and emotional. If you like dystopian societybooks, i would suggest Legend by Marie Lu adn the sequel, Prodigy. I haven’t read the sequel yet but the first book is really good

      • That’s good to hear! I will put DIVERGENT, etc back on my reading list. I have LEGEND but haven’t read it yet. So many books…!!!

  6. It’s SUMMER!! Finally! The first thing i look forward to doing is going to the public library! iam a book lover after all. I can only go to the public library during the summer b/c i have to focus on school during the school year and i have no time to go to and from the library. anywho, i made i long book list of books to get at the library. am i the only one who does that? making lists when i go to the library?

  7. hey denise! its been a you have any summer plans or goal? this summer i am going to try to teach myself guitar and finish a trilogy i started on a website that publishes stories. i already finished the first book. I don’t know how i did it. I just got inspiration at random times during my life like at assemblies and watching my friends adn jujst having dreams about it. Does that happen to many authors or just me? i dont’t know. But, i hope that this is the start of a career or hobby in writing

    • We’ve got some vacations planned and I will also be finishing a draft of my novel to hand off to my writing group-finally! That’s so cool about teaching yourself guitar. That was one of the things that inspired me when I was writing ROCK ON cuz my grandfather, my dad, and my brother all played guitar. And so awesome that you got your first book finished. I love that you were able to take advantage of whatever time (and dreams!) you had – you are an inspiration. I was just talking to some writer friends about doing that – if I only have 10-15 minutes, I can still write! Keep going. If you’re comfortable, share a link to your online work so we can all check it out! Have a great holiday weekend and take time to remember why :-).

      • I’m still a little nervous about other people reading my stories. i always think, maybe it’s bad. i should have used more writing techniques from English class or been a little more interesting in my story. maybe eventually. I’ve noticed, when i reread my stories, how i started off with one idea of how it should go, but then new ideas come that stray away from the original ideas and the story becomes so much different. also, i noticed how my writing in general changes as i grow up and experience new things. when summer is over, and i no longer have a projects on top of projects in the same class (9th grade English is killer), i will have more time to write and learn guitar and enjoy my youth.
        P.S. I can’t wait for your new novel!!!! if my library doesn’t order it, i will request it until they do.

        • I get nervous about others reading my stories too, so I’m always impressed when people are willing to put their works-in-progress online or elsewhere for review and comment. You’re aware that you will continue to grow and improve in your writing and that’s fantastic! I’m excited to hear how things go once school is over for you and you can devote more time to your writing and playing the guitar.

        • Wow! You love to write too! OMG WE ARE LIKE BFFFS!!! Are you ever gonna publish? I will someday! OMG! I am SOO happy for you and other writers!! 🙂

    • Hey!!!!!!!! Okay So its me SUPERGIRL from the blab! I have one question for you Book Lover, do you happen to have Wattpad? Because according to your blab that you have others read your story online, I thought you probably have Wattpad too.
      I have Wattpad and maybe if you do you can always follow me at Friday1064 and give me tips to improve my writing? If you have wattpad I would love to read your stories too!

      • no i don’t have wattpad. it’s a website called quotev. but if i did have a wattpad i would look for you! 🙂

      • OMGG!! Book lover you have a Quotev account? What’s your username? I have 1 2!!! Squeee!!! Go future writers for next generation!!

        • it’s CrazE Nerd. what’s yours? Writers rule! i found more notebooks around my house and it’s only a matter of time until they are full.

  8. Hey Denise!! Listen, if you don’t mind, I need your opinion.

  9. four more days til valentine’s day! i have no valentine so I’m giving hershey kisses to all my friends; girls and guys

  10. Hey denise! any way you could delete the blabs ive said before?? Ive said a lot and used my name and Im afraid someone might read them all and find out who he is.. Thanks!!

    • Michelle,
      Do you want all of them deleted or just specific ones? Let me know and I’ll take them off. 🙂

  11. Hey Denise, Journey here! Merry Christmas, even though it was yesterday. Did you have a wonderful Christmas? What’d yah do? If your wondering what I did I opened presents and helped cook. One of my presents was the Sims 3 seasons for my computer and I was on it all day yesterday when I wasn’t cooking. We had a big meal which was totally amazing and delicious. We probably have enough leftovers for a couple more days. I can’t believe this year is almost over, it seems like it went by fast. BTW we are still alive despite that whole “2012 theory”, that was a bunch of baloney. Although it may have helped some family’s get their stuff in order for when a natural disaster does occur. Anyways winter break is finally here!!! I finally get to catch up on the sleep I have been missing during school, hope you have a good New Year’s if I don’t talk to you by then <3.

  12. Continued from other blab!
    Last year there was this boy i really liked since the very first day of school. I fell for him so hard that he was the only one in the world that i thought of. During Summer I was texting my best friend and we made a deal that we would tell each other who we liked.
    She told me she liked him (the one i fell for) and I told her i liked his best friend (i do but not that much) and recently she told me she also fell for him really deep like me since the first day.
    Heres the problem I think theres a spark in me that still likes him….but i feel like a complete cheater towards my best friend…..maybe i should just forget about him? Ignore my feelings towward him?
    thanks everyone and happy holidays!

  13. Hi Denise! AND denise fans out there! I have a problem here!

  14. Hey denise! Hey everyone! Today is the last half day of school before break. I’m so excited!!But when I think of the exams I have to do today- bummer! The year flew by so fast. I can’t believe its almost Christmas already. Hippie!

    • Good luck on your exams! My kids are off and our son is home from college so we are ready for the holiday! Have a wonderful time, everyone! Enjoy your break.

  15. It’s the holiday season already.

    • Hard to believe! I hope everyone has a great season and if anyone is taking finals…good luck!

  16. I love how you’re so positive! Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!

    • Ditto! I had a great Thanksgiving with Zach home from college. Hope everyone else did as well. Hard to get back in the groove, eh?

      • not really. i walked into school monday with tons of energy, my usual randomness and my constant positive attitude. but, i did have a soda for breakfast so maybe that’s why i wasn’t so tired. huh…

        • me too!! i am always full of energy and i have been told i have a very positive attitude.. that kinda depends.. i usaly have a good positive attitude when ive had time to think.. sometimes i act out right away and thats when things look ugly for me and i get really.. ermm.. cranky… but i try to keep the mood positve because happiness is the only drug that has no hurtfull effecct!! yee…

  17. Hi
    My little brother has MAJOR anger managment issues, and so does my Mom and Dad and when ever they talk they ALWAYS get into huge fights, doors slaming, swear words…
    I dont know what to do, because I reallllllly dont want to get involved. But I cant live this way. Im always going around the house closing windows and doors so our neighbors cant hear. Its sooo embarressing. I cant bring my friends over.
    It isnt fair. That all of our family time and ever dinner is revovoled around my stupid little brother. He gets all the attention and I am always shoved to the side. Im a good student and Im a good kid. It isnt fair that our whole house hold is revolved around this bratty, badmouthed 11 year old. UGHH!!!

    WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

    • i dont know. tell someone. a friend. let it out somehow. write about it, sings about it, dance about it, do something to express how you feel. when writging, let out every single thougt. dont hold back on any words,language, or things you want to say. pour your entire heart and mind into that 8” by 11” sheet of paper. then, this next step is VERY important, shred it. burn it (outside). tear it to pieces. make sure none of it is legible and dispose of the paper. This should help you get out your anger with hurting anyone’s feelings and allow you to see how you truly feel. next, calm down. read, blast music, sleep, bathe, do anything calming. this should help you calm down nerves and be abble to handle things witha a level head.

    • What I think you should do is talk to them. Tell them how you feel about the whole situation. It usually helps.

  18. Hi denise. i see you are reading Th Karma Club. i read that book!!! i loooved it. its so cool how jessice brody made the events connect and had that influence the story. it was so good

  19. Hi denise! I have one question to ask you, DO YOU LIKE THE FRAY? They come from denver colorado and I LOVE THEM! I really like their songs and im just curious if you like them………if so did you ever meet them?!

    • LOVE the Fray. The opened for U2 last year here in Denver and were amazing! Never got to meet them, though the band that played at my ROCK ON book launch party has met one of the band members from the Fray. I will be posting a video from my book launch when the paperback of ROCK ON comes out in January. Woo too!

  20. Hey Denise! OK so a lot has been going on, we recently just had homecoming game and homecoming dance. Our football team lost the game 🙁 but we kinda made a good comeback. As far as homecoming dance, it was amazing! My friends and I danced the night away, literally, everyone looked so nice! THe only downer is the guy I like wasn’t at the game or the dance! I don’t think he gets out much, he’s kinda quiet but I hear he’s secretly funny. I really wanna talk to him but I’m just so nervous! Even if it’s just to say, “Hey blah blah blah, I’m Journey and I think we should be friends.” WHAT”S WRONG WITH ME?! I wish he wasn’t so shy, I wish I wasn’t so shy, what do I do?!

    • I’m so glad you had fun at your homecoming, in spite of your guy not being at the game or the dance. And nothing’s wrong with you that you are having trouble talking to him. That’s normal! You really like him so you don’t want to risk looking goofy or saying the wrong thing. But I bet you wouldn’t do either one. Keep it simple – talk about homework or a project or if you know he is involved in something (music, sports, theater, etc), ask him about it (and make sure it’s not a yes/no question or something that can be answered in one word like: Q – “How was the game Thursday?” A – “Fine.” End of conversation! Good luck and keep us posted.

  21. I think it was “Its better to stay friends with a boy (friendship is more valuable and lasts longer) than having a relationship (being bf and gf)”
    Its your decision but choose WISELY! Hang on dere gurl!

    • thanksss 🙂 i found a quote that im trying to focus on every time my heart starts skipping beats
      “liking someone dosnt mean you have to be lovers, sometimes you just have to be friends.” and i think thats truely true.. and ya…..

  22. ahh the awkward stage. it can mean one of two things, he just wants to be friends or he likes you and was nervous around you and didn’t want to say anything to turn you away. i can analyze things better when i can read ppls body and facial language.

    • i think its the awkward he just want to be friends thing.. or hes completely oblivious to the fact that i like him.. hes a senior im a freshmen.. so.. yaa….

  23. I cant believe its november already! the air is frosty cool. fall air is the cleanest air to me. YOu guys know how when you get older your christmaas list gets smaller? its couse you realize that you dont need anything else. you already have a loving family, shelter, fodd, and some items of entertainment. but, this christmas i’m asking for books! my county library doesn’t have some of the series i want to read so i will ask for them for a present. its never to early to start your christmas list

  24. I seriously think he likes you! Good luck!!!!

    • omgggg!!!!! you just made my life!!!!!!!!!! and thank you for the luck.. with my klutz-ie-ness i could alwwwayy use that! HA

  25. really?!? thanksss guysss!!!!!

    omg yesterday when i was crossing the street he was driving by and HE WAVED TO MEEEEEEE!

    • i think he might like you.

  26. WOW! you are one lucky girl! He’ll ask you again. Don’t worry :)!

  27. He’ll ask again! I’m sure of it.

  28. hi denise! whoah this page is very long. the little scroller thing on the side that you drag up and down the scroll bar is tiny. T adn i are friends. i’m starting to think i don’t like him *that* way b/c he’s just my friend. but i’m not sure. how does one know for sure that they like or do not like a guy? writing about romance on paper from the voice of a character is 10000000 times easier than deciphering it in real life.

    • omg ik!! in class we had to write an essay on what our life in 20 years will be like.. soooooo easy ! i just wrote about how i fell in love with an amazing person. and basicaly wrote down everything I (and every girl) want in a guy.

      i think as for if you “like” a guy or “like like” a guy it dosnt really matter. we are young and we get to have fun !! right? if T is the guy you plan on marrieing then being friends is the best thing for your situation. if you just want to have say your first kiss then maybe it dosnt matter how much you like him..

      idk if this makes sence.. im probably not so good at love advice.. i mean have u seen my track record?! haha.. but i think always having a back burner is a heart break saver 🙂

  29. Im sure you have heard of the whole Amanda Todd thing. I dont know her. But her story and what happend to her has hit me really hard. People are being so rude about her death and how she was bullied. No body seems to be taking it seriously. I dont know what to do. How does one get over this? Its really dragging me down. Its horrible and I hope they catch the [person] that cyberstalked her.

    • i haven ot heard of amanda todd

  30. Hey Denise! Is there any way to find your comments on this page? Cause I never was able to find your reply, lol…..So how are you? Have you ever read The Great Gatsby? Just wondering, because I had a question about it (really simple), but thanks anyways!

    • I’ve been enjoying the conversations without my input so I’ve kind of let things ride, but you can look for my picture (avatar) to see any replies I’ve made on the page. If you asked a question and I missed it, I’m sorry! I will look or you can ask it again!

  31. Hey Denise, I was just looking at the FAQs and I found out that you like death cab for cutie, that is so cool! They are really good! They aren’t my fav band but they’re one of my fav bands. 🙂 My fav band is All Time Low 🙂

    • I do! They were great in concert. I’ll have to check out All Time Low!

      • okay cool! 🙂

  32. OMG IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! wanna know something funny? I have a crush on a character of a book called “Shiver” and his name is sam and he is so cute i have a serious crush on him even though he isnt real. boo hoo………..PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THE RIDE THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OMG! I know you don’t know me but i was reading your comments about this guy and you are so lucky it does sound like a fairy tale but it’s actually happening! I’m so jelly! You go girl he sounds like a nice guy ^^ keep us updated, although from your previous comments i’m sure you will haha.

    • oh toats!! keeping people updated is my thang.. hahahah thanks!! and i dont know a lot of people.. but i loveee meeting new people!!

    • Iam speechless with a huge smile!

      • haha !! ikkk the feeling!!

    • Character crushes are the best adn worst. you can dream up scenarios about you two but you can never actually talk to him. i used to have a ton of character crushes, like KC in the book The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet

    • your comments always humor me.

  33. Yahoo!!!!!!!! That’s so cool. Did you talk to him? What did you say? What did her say? We want to know more!

  34. good golly!! 2 MORE DAYS TILL I GET TO WORK WITH THE KH!! (karate Hotty) IM SOOO EXCITEDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except for the work part… i actully have to work.. haha jkjk but stilll!! i get to b payed for watching him! i mean how much better could it get? hhaahaha! he lives by me too which means i could possible catch a ride home with him while im walking and he drives past?? eh eh eh?? any possibilities?!?! any suggestions on how to seem professional and not like too serious? its just him me and the main enstructior teaching karate to a bunch of 5-9 year olds.. i dont have my friends or my phone to hide behind the next time i say something AWKKKWWARRDD!!!! its like i have a dance solo and if i mess up everyones gonna see me and theres nobody to blame or hide behind!! FIRST WORLD PROBBLLEEMMMSSS!!

    • OMG what happened Michelle H????!!! with the KH????? please fill me in on what happened!! I bet there are various possiblilties for you to getting together!

      • I’m interested too! i love a good romance. so he says he noticed you doing bike race with ur BGF and neighbor. did that happen a while before. if he’s remebering things about you or things that involve you he may be interested in you.

  35. :/ I just found out something HORRIBLE at school. A boy is actually afraid of me. And, I’m not even a bully!!! I don’t even talk to him. Great, now people from school think I’m this super weird, freaky girl without actually knowing me. And, the strange thing is that in my music school, people think I’m awesome. But, if i act in my school (the non-musical one) like how I do in my music school (which is 100% me) I wouldn’t even have friends in my school. It’s just so frustrating. I have to be more shy in my school, and it just doesn’t feel like me. Sure, I’m shy but it’s only when I’m around people who I don’t know.

    Another thing, (that doesn’t trouble me a lot) I go much better with the kids from 9 grade than the kids of my own age. I think I even have more friends that go to ninth grade than of my own age. It’s just, in my grade (7th) the kids are too immature, and annoying, (at least in my school) and the 8th graders have kinda like this “arrogance”. I mean, they underestimate the 7th graders and it’s soo annoying since i have the same age of those 8th graders, i’m even older than some of them. It’s not my fault that I had to repeat pre-kinder! I don’t even know why I did. I was doing perfectly fine in my pre-kinder class. The thing is that in my first year of pre-kinder I was in another school. And, then I moved to the school i’m now in and since they practically underestimated the other school, i’m now stuck with the 7th graders. :/ But, even if I were in 8th grade, I wish I could be in 9th grade. I go so well with those 9th graders!!!! (any 9th grader that doesn’t go to my school since like i said later, they all underestimate me).

    • dont worry!!! remember it dosnt matter what people think of you only what you think of yourself! and you have to learn to love yourself before anyone else can love you! and any other inspirational quotes about hanging in there and loving and respecting yourself for the beutiful person you are!!

      • insert inspirational quote here. sorry i got none off the top of my head. but i think you, Awed Fan, are very mature.i am a ninth grader. maybe the other seventh graders see you as too mature and intimidating? im not much help here but i do know how mean people can get for no apparent reason. i sit next to this girl in health and she’s one of those girls whos is popular and talkative and snobby. so in the first week of school, for some unknown reason, she decides she doesn’t like me. i did nothing at all but she jsut choose to dislike me. some people are like that, im afraid

  36. I like the new website but, could you organized the comments and stuff with the name of the month they were sent in? It could be more helpful. (It’s only a suggestion.) Anyways, one funny thing that happened to me in summer. For the first time of my life, I was glad of having no crushes. Why live in all that worry if there’s a big chance that that guy might only accept you as friend? (It’s in my opinion, btw. It depends on the situation). So then I went to this camp and a guy started to like me. (i think, since last week he told me that i freaked him out 🙁 and then i went to another camp and another guy started to like me. I was really freaked out! and it all got complicated…. guess what? it got worse! the guy from the first camp goes to the same school I got to. And the guy from the second camp goes to the same music school that I go to!!! Oh and then there’s the guy from choir… I think he likes me too…… and the problem is, that I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…. hmmm Why am I talking about this again? PS. I went to a ninth grader party!!!!!! I was one of the girls who danced the most!!! and I don’t even like to dance that much. 😀 that day was the best day of my life (so far) 😀

    • I would love to be able to organized the comments, but the software won’t let me. Originally I had set up a forum, but it was so complicated, I was afraid you all would give up on it and go away! And look what great advice and sharing you are doing for each other. We will keep checking to see if there is any way to organize comments.

      That said, if a lot of you use forums and are comfortable on them, we may consider trying that out again. Let me know!

      And way to dance! Best thing ever.

  37. Hey denise! luv the website! im glad now i can reply to other comments and share my thoughts and feelings! YOU ROCK! seventh grade is so awesome im learning french at school and obsessed with this french song : yeah so ill keep commenting!

    • So glad you like the website – I do too! It’s awesome to have everyone commenting. Thanks for sharing the link – great song! Hope others check it out.

    • Omigosh! I’m in seventh grade too! and my french teacher showed us that video too. 🙂 it’s a good song. 🙂

  38. my closest friend moved away when we were in the second grade. Now we like never see eachother. every time we plan something she always bails because of some reason or another. Shes still my best friend but its driving me nutsss!!!

    • Find some new friends and go places with them. Your “best friend” is either not really a true friend or she is just really busy. Remember that you can always make new friends that would love to hang out with you.

    • hey i know how it feels i lost my best friend from first grade she went to michigan and bam i heard from her again and bam didnt want anything about me so yeah all you say is YOU JUST LOST A VERY TRUE FRIEND HERE very sad but true anyway i have better friends now

    • Like Cinder said, make some new friends!!!! Think of it like this way, your close friend is like gold and the new friends are like diamonds. Appreciate the diamonds and treat them well but, don’t forget to give your care for the gold. 😉
      And, don’t ignore that close friend of yours. Talk to her. Ask her what’s wrong with her? (in a friendly, caring way) If she starts arguing, leave her in peace. And, when she finally has peace talk to her again. 🙂 But, really, you should talk things out with her. It’s unhealthy to not communicate when something is up.

      • 🙂 thanks guys!! truely helpfull!!

  39. Thanks Denise! I wouldn’t be surprised if your book got turned into a movie although I am surprised none of them have yet because all of them are amazing. Your right about the new Iphone it doesn’t seem to have as many features as the previous models did when they came out I guess they figured making it bigger was good enough? As for the new Ipad that probably will be a fuss because they’re probably adding Siri and IOS 6 and all that jazz to it. That’s so cool that you love your Iphone I think they are the best phones out there to be honest. As for my new kitty she is totally adorbs! She is only a few months old and is still pretty small despite her fur which she has a lot of but it doesn’t shed that much…yet tee hee. She adapted really well to our house once she figured out where everything was she just called it home. We named her Darling and she is loving it, she comes whenever we call and she loves to snuggle. She especially likes my room and following me around guess she chose me as her new best friend how cute right?! If I had a FB or tumblr or instagram Darling would have her own portfolio by now but my mom is still strict about letting me have any of those so I shall send it to the moderator. I think you mentioned having some cats yourself? If so what are they like?

    • Would love the movie thing, but I’m not holding my breath. Thanks for your confidence!

      Happy new kitty is a cutie hope the shedding is minimal. Love the name! Yes, please send a photo to my sister, the moderator and we’ll post a pic of her royal kittiness here! No, I don’t have cats (not a big fan, sorry!), but I do have friends who have them.

      • LOL sorry I haven’t sent the picture yet I have been busy, it’s cool that you don’t like cats a lot of people don’t. Are you toats excited for Halloween? Are you gonna dress up and stuff, if so as what? I’m so glad it’s Friday! Although it wasn’t that good of a day, I had to tell one of my used to be friends that I don’t think we should hang out anymore because she can be kind of rude and things and she got really upset. On the other hand I saw the dude I like today and as soon as I start walking over to him he walks away :(. I don’t even know the guy but I think that’s a bad sign, I might make it kind of obvious that I like him but yeesh you could at least sit there and let me think about trying to talk to you instead of just rushing off. Anyways I hope your new book writing is going well, the excitement is just building up inside me, AH! From the awesome, Journey

  40. Hey Denise! First off I love all your books such as Click here( I’ve read it MILLIONS of times) 😀 I used to visit on the old website and so when I typed up your name a few days ago and found a whole new website, I was pretty surprised. I love this website though and i’m getting used to it. I have a brother and sister, and i’m the oldest! Most people think that’s good but really, I would much rather be youngest cause I can be spoiled, ha ha :). You know my name lovestruck, well i pretty much am in love. When i was in 2nd grade, i had a serious crush on this 5th grader which lasted about 3 years. Then in 6 grade, i liked this other guy. Now i like this other guy! ARAAAGH! the guy i like now, i’ve always thought as a jerk. Last year he sat right next to me in one of my classes. I did not like it. But later on, i started wishing he was in some of my other classes. This year, i’m in 7th, and I daydream about him. yes DAYDREAM of all things. But recently i’ve noticed him staring at me when he thinks i’m not looking at him. Which in my opinion is really strange cause i’m more to the chubby side and do not try to look pretty. Well maybe a little but that doesn’t work. Any idea whats going on?!! sooo… i learned something the other day. My teacher, Mrs. “Gale” told us her mom committed suicide!OMG! i could not believe that. She is an awesome teacher and a serious tomboy. It must have been hard telling us about the suicide. Anyways, I recommended click here to a lot of my friends and one “Liz” who doesn’t like to read asked if there was a sequel! I could tell she liked it:D. BTW, are you planning anything after assess denied? Just asking so i could be the first to request it from the library:D. LUV YOUR BOOKS!

    • i am the oldest too! it is not a good place to be b/c the first child to parents is the “experiment” child and parents are very strict with us

  41. Hi there! I know this is sort of off-topic but I needed to ask. Does operating a well-established website such as yours require a large amount of work? I’m brand new to running a blog however I do write in my journal everyday. I’d like to start a blog so I will be able to share my experience and views online. Please let me know if you have any kind of recommendations or tips for new aspiring bloggers. Appreciate it!

    • Hey! I hope you find this because I moved it from an old page that was not supposed to be published and it belongs here.

      It’s quite a bit of work to get a site like this going, but if you just want to blog, you can do that lots of places really easily. Set up is super quick and you can have pages and menus etc. let’s you do that. That’s what I used for Erin’s blog/website (from my book CLICK HERE) and also for Ori’s website (from my book ROCK ON). You should check it out!

      Can you let the moderator know once you see this so I can make sure others don’t land on this page: You can put non-book questions on the Other Stuff page of the Blab-o-Rama and we can keep the conversation going!.

  42. Hey Denise! Your website looks AWESOME! I almost couldn’t find the comments page and I was thinking maybe you stopped doing comments, but you haven’t, so phew! My new school year is going well….My English teacher graded me down for MLA…..which I’ve been doing since 8th grade (I’m in tenth). The teacher got upset about my “spacing”, but I have a bunch of examples of MLA, and I made SURE to try and get MLA right. Any tips? Girls are better and worse. My math teacher put a really arrogant girl (who I don’t get along with) behind me, which isn’t great. I’m reading a book called Black Boy, by Richard Wright, right now. Have you read it? Any movie deals for Click Here yet? I hope it happens, and hey, if it doesn’t, I’m planning on being a movie director when I’m older, so, haha I’d LOVE to make the books a movie! Can I ask your advice? Well…when people treat me badly at school, they do it as if they have a RIGHT to do it. They can say anything they want about me, but cheese forbid I say anything back. If I try to defend myself, the bullies, and their friends all end up hating me. I just don’t get it. Some people can defend themselves, and everybody just goes on with their lives, and it JUST stays between those two people. When I do it, though, everyone and their dog has to get involved. I just want it to stay between me and the person who bullied me. I don’t need the whole world to know. This is how I have burned my bridges with a lot of people in my grade, because their friends claim I’m rude, or they see me being “rude” just that ONE time. I just want people to see that I’m not a mean person, but I WILL defend myself, when I have to, even if I have to be rude. Can you advise me on how to keep things like this between me and the person that I’m having a problem with? Also, my bestest friend left our school, and now goes somewhere else (we still hang out), but anyway, its just my friend j and my other friend hh now. Well, on the first day of school, there was a new girl named V. I know how it is to be alone, so I wanted her to have someone to hang out with. She’s cool, I like her, but we don’t always see eye to eye. We don’t fight or anything, but we just don’t click 100%. I’d say 50%. It’s fine with me, but my other two friends LOVE her. I’m not jealous, but I just sort of feel as if I’m being replaced. I mean, I know I’m not, but sometimes I feel as if she’s the new “leader”, and my friends like her better. Like sometimes, my friend h and v will make eye contact after I say something crazy, and they’ll just look at each other and “share a glance”, if you know what I mean, as if they’ve known each other for 4 years (which h and v haven’t, but me and h HAVE) My friend j is pretty loyal, so I know he’ll never leave me, but idk, I feel as if h is indifferent (she’s not into drama). The thing with h is, is she’s VERY smart. She knows a ton about politics, and the world, and street life and v is sort of the same, so they talk about a lot of those things, and I feel kind of stupid, because my specialty/area that I know a lot about is film, celebs, books, music, and even though h and I are friends, she doesn’t really care about those things. The only thing we have in common is humor. What do you think I should do? Do you have a best friend? Is it okay to not feel close to anyone? A lot of girls seem to have a BEST FRIEND, who they click with 1000% of the time….I have a bff, but sometimes even we get bored of each other. Denise, I just feel like I don’t click with anyone 100% fully. I just don’t have chemistry with anyone 100%….and I just feel so frustrated. Does everyone go through this? Any advice? I’m sorry to take up your time! Do you play any instruments? I play guitar/piano/sing! Well thanks for listening! Bye!

    • Before I say anything, I’d like to see if anyone else has some thoughts so I’ll wait a day or two before I respond. Hugs in the meantime, girl, and hang in there!

    • Hey, um ik exactly how you feel. About feeling like your being replaced with your group of friends. I have been best friends with this girl S for about 9 years. we were sooooo close! we didnt think anything could get between us. Then this girl who was reallllly nice came into it E. I was closest with her first. and then i intro duced her. then her and my bestfriend S grouped off and ditched me. I didnt know what to do. But i knew i didnt like the way they treated me . so i decided to not let them have me as a friend. they knew how awsome i was. and they know what thier missing. so 7th grade year. I made new best friends. now im in another group of girls and one other girl and we fit in together. Of course i miss my S. she was the closest person to me. i told her evverything. But ik that she’d come back because this E cant keep her away from me. true friendship breh. This year she apoligzed to me. (9th grade) and now we’re back to aquantances. (omg i cant spell) this E girl recked a realationship i had with someone for 9 years. 9 YEARS!!! and you know what?!?!? What dosnt kill you makes you stronger <3. keep in touch with your bestie that moved away. s/he will be there for you. dont worry abt these bullies. you know why they bullie? cuz they b jelous of your awsomeness :). just be yourself. like no joke be yourself!! there are a million ppl at your school who propbably feel the same way. if you are ur self and show your true personality and be around people who make you happy then those people hiding are going to come out and you'll be surrounded by people who are just like you. you may find a new addition to your best friends, someone you'll 100% connect with, and maybe even your soul mate <3333..

      Ik your thinking, "god does this girl ever shut up?!?!" well true answer? no.. haha i dont…. but anywho just remember this is only high sschool those jerks who bullie u and those friends who dictate you.. they wont shape what your life is going to b like unless you let them..

      b strong!!!!! cuz YOLO! haha sorrry.. i had to say it!! shaka breah..

      • hi! i haven’t really been bullied b/c in elementary and middle school i was more or less invible. but i saw ppl gegt bullied. u tried to tell that bully to leave you alone and it turned into somethign bigger. is there a specific reason why they bully you? is it somethign you did? if they creat elies, ignore them. they mean nothing to you so why should anything they say matter? if they tease you about somethign you did confront them saying, “yes, i did…… now is your life so boring and pathetic that you have to dwell on this? get a life!” or somethign liek that. it may be mean so you can tweak some words but basically tell them that they need to move on.

        • Good advice!

    • Wow. How much did you miss commenting? 😉 😛 I had that exact same thought until today. Another thing that I hate, when you give an awesome idea for your class and everybody ignores it and the some popular person copies your idea and everyone’s like “omg!!! that’s so awesome!!” and I’m like, “what the…?”

      ADVICE: Having a best friend doesn’t mean that you both have to have a lot of common. It means that you both accept each other like nobody does. My definition of having a best friend is someone who you can goof of with. (without being embarrassed)

      And, about the thing of being replaced, well I’m not sure if this will help but… anyways, there was this new girl at school, and my best friend and her started doing everything together!!!! So anyways, one day I was trying to talk with my bff but she completely ignored me and i got interrupted by that girl!!! and then I did the only thing I could, I left. And then, she found me and she asked ‘Why did you leave? Do you go well with the new girl?” I almost said no but, then I realized that I was being selfish. Sh should have her own friends too. So then, I said ” No, it’s not that. It’s just that, you started ignoring me and I felt that I was being left out. So, I left.” So then she said “I’m sorry.” But, now I realized that maybe she was just giving her a tour of the school. You know, giving the girl a friendly welcome.


  43. hey denise!!! omigosh! your website looks sooo cool i’m sorry i haven’t talked to you in a little bit, high school is just so busy! I’m a freshmen now yay! I’m in the band percussion section and we just had a game yesterday and one the friday before that, we won last night woot woot! School has been really fun i have made a lot of new friends and signed up for a ton of clubs. I don’t really have a favorite teacher though 🙁 *that’s a first* most of my teachers are either weird or evil, except my health teacher he’s alright. I have not yet succeeded to talk to the guy i like but it’s on my list it must be done! HOw have you been?? Have you heard about the new iphone , i feel like they come out with a new one every year good gosh they don’t even give people time for their contract to be up! Hope your life has been good xoxox, Journey!

    • Thanks so much! I’m very excited about it and glad you found us here. I’m so glad you are liking high school and wow, that’s so cool that you are in the band! How fun is that for games?!

      Sorry about the teachers, but sometimes that happens. Don’t write them off yet, though. They are getting used to you all too and some kind words and gratitude toward them may help make some connections.

      Keep us posted on talking to the guy you like. Is he in a lot of your classes? Did you know him before?

      I’m busy but doing well. Getting back into writing a new novel that I’ve had on hold for FOREVER! But I finally figured out how to work through this one part of the plot so that’s good.

      Yes, it does seem like there’s new technology all the time! And the new mini iPad sounds cool too. XOXO, Denise

      • YOur so welome! Thanks for the help on the teachers I won’t have all of them all year because they switch out every term, well most of them do. The band is so fun we are like one big family! I have no classes at all with the guy not even lunch! (there are two different classes) but I am determined, it just seems like as soon as I leave somewhere he pops up there five minutes later! I am so glad about your new book your working on I’m sure it will be wonderful sense it took you a while to perfect it, mind giving me some clues as to what it’s about? eh? Lol keep rocking, hope they announce the new Iphone tomorrow XOXOOXOOOOXXX, Journey

        • So stay the course with your teachers this term and see what happens, and same with next term!

          I love that you already are connected to the band like a family. Whenever things are new, it’s so important to belong somewhere and I’m so happy for you.

          Keep us posted on Journey’s Journeys with the GUY…can’t wait for the next installment :).

          My next book is about a girl and a ghost (that’s about all I an report right now) and it’s lot more serious than my past books, so we’ll see how it is received. Thanks for the encouragement!

          So, looks like the iPhone 5 will be available Sept 21 and people can pre-ordering on Friday. Taller (but not wider) and thinner. And they are changing the connection adapter! That’s pretty big, esp if you have a docking station to play music. You’ll need a special adapter to use them.

          I have a 4S and don’t see a need to get the new one right away. Still curious about the iPad mini…!

      • the iphone 5 seems awesome!

        • today this guy at school said
          guy:”when your very old there might be robots roaming around”
          Me: I hope we dont get robots they will just make us more lazy and miserable
          my best friend: Ummmm….. we already have robots……
          guy: no your wrong we dont have any robots
          Best friend: ya know theres one infront of you and in your pocket
          Me and the guy:OH MI GOSH!
          (ifyou dont get it: phones,computer, my friend is saying that they do things for us so their considered robots) whats your opinion?

      • OMG It is so cool that you know about the iphone! I like to stay tuned on the technology events and things. I have an android but I want an iphone. Your book sounds so cool already ! I can’t wait to read it it’s probably going to be amazing and then they can make a movie out of it and it will become one of those world wide known movies that make fans all crazy and stuff (but in a good way). I am so excited I’m finally getting a kitty today!!! They are having this huge adoption fest at the petsmart near my house and we are going to go and hopefully find out new forever friend! Is there any way I can private message you to send you a pitcture of her? Or him? Lol I hope people don’t go so crazy over this iphone that they sleep outside the stores again it’s just phone yeesh hehe.

        • I got my iPhone last January and love it. At first I didn’t want to get a smart phone because I didn’t want to pay for the data plan and didn’t think I needed to have internet access and all that. But there are so many things I use it for – it’s really awesome! It will be interesting to see if people go crazy over the iphone, but I don’t know if it has that many new features that it will cause a frenzy. The mini iPad might, though. I can’t wait to get a look at that!

          I love your enthusiasm about the book I’m working on! Wouldn’t it be amazing if all of that happened?

          Congrats on the kitty! As for the pic, if you want everyone to see it and have it online somewhere (pinterest, tumblr, FB etc), you can put the link in a reply (see my downloadable instructions). Or you can send the pic to the moderator so just I can see it: go to Contact – Contact the Moderator and once she has your email address, she can contact you directly about getting the kitty photo.

  44. Heyy Denise! I just looked at the FAQs and realized that your children are the same ages as my siblings. My oldest sister is a Freshman in college, my brother is in 12th grade, and my other sister is in 9th grade. 🙂
    I have a soccer game today and last time we played this team we lost so this time we have to win. Oh, and there’s this guy on my team that likes me 🙂 but I only like him as a friend, but it’s okay that I don’t like him because I’m pretty sure that he likes this other girl on the team and she likes him.
    I found the Mark of this year! His real name is Marcus. He is so cute, and he is in my geography class. 🙂 Also I found the Serena of the year, ugh. She is really mean, most of the time, I’m not going to say her real name just in case she reads this. lol. 😛

    • Thanks for checking out the FAQs! That’s so wild about your sibs! Where does your sister go to college? Hope you won your game – have you been with this team for awhile? And it’s coed? That’s pretty cool. Go, Marcus! And bummer about the real life Serena. But maybe there’s a heart under there somewhere. I hope so. 🙂 Have a great week!

      • My sister goes to UW. I have been with my soccer team since the beginning of the season (this fall). We lost our game, but that’s okay because we tried our hardest. 🙂 Today I had P.E. and our first unit is soccer! I hate P.E. but I love soccer. 🙂 In soccer our team name is Mr. McFlurry’s purple pancakes. lol. We played the turtles and won 4-1! The field is really small, though, because it’s the football field split into four sections so that everyone in P.E. can play. BTW M is on the turtles team! So I got to guard him. 🙂 It was awesome, then he gave me a high-five after the game! About the Serena, she is on “A” team volleyball so she is really stuck up and she is dating an eighth grader so that makes her even more stuck up because she thinks she is better than everyone. I went to the same school as her last year too, it was terrible! lol. Oh BTW I forgot to tell you in the blab but I really like your new website. 🙂 I liked the last one too but I like this one because we reply to other people that blab. 🙂

        • UW is a great school! Sorry about your game, but glad to hear you worked hard. You can hold your head high when you know you played your best. Love the team name – have to know who came up with it and how! Glad you and Marcus got to high five.

          I was sorry to hear about “your” Serena, but try to keep an open mind. Her “stuck up” attitude may be hiding a lot of insecurity. I know a girl who was super shy and everyone thought she was stuck up, which was a bummer. It sounds like you don’t have to deal with her too much, so that’s good. Just be your usual nice, cool self and maybe she’ll thaw :-).

          So glad you love the new site. So do I! It’s so nice to be able to communicate right away with people and it’s good discipline for me to keep a blog five days a week.

          • Thanks! This guy named J came up with our team name he just said it randomly and we all agreed, but that team name is the one for P.E. 🙂 My real soccer team’s name is Hurricanes.
            I don’t like M anymore because he seems like a jerk, but he is still really cute. 🙂

  45. Hey Denise!! Love the new webby! Little confused but Im sure with enough time Ill figure it all out 🙂
    any who just wanted to give you the update! GUESS WHO TALKED TO ME!!!!! THE KARATE HOTTY!!!! AHHHHHH omg my heart was pounding soooo loud my pal next to me could like hear it!!! BUT!! Im going to be working with him because I made sure to pick my days the same as his!! yaaayy!! but,,, any tips for having words come out like this “Hey how was your day?” and not “skfhsofjdHeyyyyy i saw you at school and had a heart attack.. what nooo.. i didnt just say that hskjfhasoefj haha slfjf” …. ya…. how can i marry him if i cant even talk to him… awkkkk sause…

    • So psyched about the KH (aka Karate Hottie) talking to you. I’m sure your pal was exaggerating about hearing your heart pounding but we get the pic. You are doing fine. Mellow and calm is the name of the game. You don’t want to be one of those freaky, squeaky girls that is annoying. Be yourself and by cool, girl! Marriage is a ways off…just work on being around him without freakin’ 🙂

      • haha thanks 🙂 I was with my really good guy friend the other day and hes the one who helped me find his house and stuff like that. hes reallly sweet and SO easy to talk to! We talk about everything together. he is also really cute. Every girl has a place in the heart for him <3.. But its different other girls fawn over him and we just embarres or selves in frount of each other and then just laugh about it. Its really funny how some girls are jelous of me being able to talk to him so easily. and i forgot where i was going with this…

        hey how do i find the other blabs that other people write? I cant find them…

        • It sounds like you know how lucky you are to have an awesome guy friend and handle the fact that other girls are after him really well. He’s lucky to have you, too! And you may already know the story about my husband being one of my best friends before we started dating in college. Best thing evah :).

          As for reading other blabs, you should be able to read other people’s comments here after they are approved. But if you want to read past blabs…hm, hadn’t thought about that. But we could put up a page and post the PDFs. Is that something people would like?

          Have a great week!

          • oh haha i found them i just haddnet seen them.. lollz.. That is soooo cool about you and your husband!! <3 … my other really good guy friend know so much about me its hilarious. Because Ik i can tell him ANYTHING!! boys are sooo much easier to trust because they dont gossip around like girls!! My guy friends know more about my list of H2B (husbands to be) haha.. long storry.. im not actully gonna get married to all these people but thats the best way to explain them.. but anywho they know more about those guys then my best girl friends doo.. 🙂 tee hee

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