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Information Overwhelm

I have a very distinct memory of the first RMC-SCBWI conference I attended over 25 years ago. I was scared, nervous and convinced everyone was published except me—not only that, but everyone knew I wasn’t published, like there was some flashing neon “UNPUBLISHED LOSER” sign hovering above my head.  🙂

To my relief and delight, I met many pre-published writers there and at other conferences, even forming a critique group with some of them (one of them was published—the rest of us were not at them time and now we all are),  a group that remains to this day.

But one thing that was challenging was all of the information I needed to learn about the children’s publishing industry. It seemed overwhelming. Could I actually learn and understand it all enough to be able to submit in a professional and confident manner?

The Answer Was Yes!

But it was after a lot of conversations, internet searches, and conferences and workshops. The information was all over the place and I learned it in bits and pieces. But I did learn it and am so glad I did.

My Silver Platter for Writers

Fast forward a couple of decades and now I’m on the other side with knowledge and experience I love sharing with writers new to the children’s publishing world. Along with my Believe Scholarship, this is another way to give back to the community that has given me support, encouragement, inspiration, solid information, and lasting friendships.

So I’ve developed a free, three-part video training series that may be all you need to get started targeting some publishers and/or agents and begin your submission process–you CAN submit your book with confidence. Woop!

Go to the video series

If you’re ready for a broader and deeper approach, you can go directly to the Find a Publisher course, where you can preview a few lessons for free and decide if it’s right for you. I have packages where you can receive feedback, a query critique, and phone consults.

Let’s all submit like pros!

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