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Critiques & Consultations

Congratulations on knowing feedback is an important part of making your manuscript the best it can be. There is so much about the publishing process that is out of our control as writers but what IS in our control is the quality of the manuscript we send out.

I offer a limited number of critiques of picture books and novels for a fee each year to writers committed to their craft. If you’ve been working on a middle grade or young adult novel, have done some revisions and are ready to take it to the next level, feel free to contact me about a possible critique. If you have only written a first draft, I would recommend revising a few more times before contacting me. Please download and review my brochure to see what I offer and my fee schedule. NOTE: I updated the brochure on 10/1/2015. If you have a brochure from before this date, please discard it and download again with my new fees, etc. Thanks!

Once I receive your form, I may ask a few questions to see if we are a good fit and if it’s a go, I’ll give you a timeframe and instructions on submitting your project.

UPDATED as of October 1, 2015: In order to complete some of my own projects, I am accepting a very limited number of critiques through December 2015 at which time I will be on critique hiatus for a while :-) .

I review and comment on picture book manuscripts up to 1,000 words. There are definitely publishers who publish picture books longer than 1,000 words (bigger publishers and smaller ones), but I believe shorter manuscripts are more in demand so I like to focus on those. PICTURE BOOK WORKSHOP: If you live in or around Denver and are new to the world of picture books, I’d encourage you to consider taking one of my Picture Book Workshops at Lighthouse Writers where you can receive feedback from more than just me! To be notified of my classes, you can sign up on my Lighthouse bio page.

I enjoy all genres and have critiqued all genres so I look forward to your work if you’d like to send it. If you live in or around Denver, I’d encourage you to consider signing up for an 8-week Middle Grade/YA workshop at Lighthouse Writers. Click here for more info.

If you live in or around Denver and would like to meet to discuss a manuscript I critiqued or just talk about your ideas and get advice, we can set up a paid consultation. This might include my reading your manuscript through once and helping you determine your goals for it, offering thoughts on its marketability, and sometimes making suggestions for target markets.
I  offer phone conversations to discuss more general writing and publishing questions. See the brochure for more info!

Are You a Reader with Your Own Story or Book?

I love to hear that readers are writing their own stories and books! And I wish I could read them all. But unfortunately, I can’t. I just don’t have time. But I would encourage you to find a trusted teacher or a writing class in your area so you can get some feedback on your book.

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