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Paperback CoversCLICK HERE -  New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age  VOYA Top Shelf Fiction,  Scholastic Book Fair/Clubs Bestselling Title “Top Ten” among books, TV, movies – GIRL’S LIFE magazine    ACCESS DENIED - “Ever funny and clever, Erin tackles eighth grade…[her] ups and downs are humanizing, entertaining, and real.”-Kirkus Reviews


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Click Here (to find out how i survived seventh grade) Seventh-grader Erin Swift has a talent for computers, a love of Snickers, and big feet that are great for soccer and useless for dancing. She has a lot on her mind: a new school where she and her best friend Jilly are separated for the first time in school, a crush on the Cute Boy in her homeroom, and leading the school intranet project.

Access Denied (and other eighth grade error messages)

Computer whiz Erin Swift is ready to start eighth grade. The Year of Humiliating Events is behind her and she’s ready to rule the school. But eighth grade comes with its own set of problems, including her first boyfriend, her first break-up, and her mom treating her more like an eight year old than an eighth grader.
But as Erin’s school year once against hurdles toward disaster, a personal tragedy forces her to realize that things, and people, aren’t always as bad as they seem.

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Are you going to write a sequel–like How I Survived 8th Grade? I’m glad you liked the book enough to want to keep going with Erin’s story! I’ve already written it and it’s out and called Access Denied (and other eighth grade error messages). Click on the ACCESS DENIED book cover for more information!

How long did it take you to write Click Here? Almost two years! I started in the summer of 2001 and finished in spring of 2003. Then it took two years for it to be published as a book. Lots of revision!

Is there going to be a movie based on Click Here? If so, how can I get an audition? Thank you for thinking that the book would make a good movie! Even though it seems like a lot of books get made into movies, it is actually very rare. And even if the near-impossible happened and Click Here did get made into a movie, I wouldn’t have anything to do with it except give my permission for the production company to do it. I would have no input into casting or anything else–that would be up to the production company. I’m sorry! But if you are interested in acting, I hope you are auditioning for plays at your school or in your hometown and working on those skills.

Where did you get the idea for the story? It actually started because I was talking to a friend. She told me her daughter’s best friend was going to a new school and the girls were totally bummed about it. When I first started it, my book was called My Own Two Feet and Jilly had moved to another state. But that wasn’t working so then I had her at the same school, just on a different track.

Did anything in this book happen to you in 7th grade? Thankfully, no! But the feelings of insecurity, of wanting to fit in and have friends–those are all from my middle school and high school years. I think most people feel that way.

Are any of the characters based on people you know? Not really, though Serena is actually based on two or three boys who were mean to me in 5th-8th grade. They did get a little nicer as we got older. And I used names of people I know for some of the characters.

Are the shoes on the original hardcover your shoes?


No, but they could have been! My black Chuck’s have red thread. The fab cover designer, Alison Impey, at Little, Brown (my publisher) found that pictu

re some where and used it. And it’s absolutely perfect.

On the original hardcover, there’s a girl with braces. Which character in the book has braces? None of them! Or at least, I didn’t make a point to say that some did. But I love that photo and wish I’d thought to have one of the characters have braces since that’s the age to have them. In the sequel, look for one of the characters to have braces.

Why didn’t Erin end up with Mark at the end of the book? A lot of readers were disappointed that Erin didn’t end up with Mark as her boyfriend at the end of the book. But that felt too predictable to me. And also, having her without a boy and not even a crush really, strengthened the theme of the book, of her being able to stand on her own. I wanted her to have only herself to rely on in the end. And I also believe that only when we are fully secure in ourselves can we really have a meaningful relationship with someone else. Erin wasn’t ready, but she will be.

What other books have you written? Click Here was the SIXTH novel I’d written for young people, the FIRST to be accepted for publication. Check out other pages on my site to see what other books are coming out.

How can I have my own website or blog like Erin Swift in the books, Click Here and Access Denied?

There are a few places you can do this but I recommend talking to your parents first because its really important to BE SAFE. Never put in any personal information (full name, address, phone, school name, team name, stuff like that) so you are always safe online. Once you talk to them, have them search with you online for different places where you can keep a blog or have a website and make sure you always follow good Internet safety.

The other option is just to keep a private journal on your computer. You can even do it in Microsoft Word and give the document a password so no one can read it but you. Check Word’s online Help for instructions on how to do this.

Do you know of other books like Click Here that I might like? If you liked Click Here, you will probably enjoy The Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez by Judy Goldschmidt and I Am the Wallpaper by Mark Peter Hughes. All three of our books have something in common…read them to find out what it is! I would also recommend The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life by Lauren Myracle. It’s great fun.

If I send you my book or story, will you read it and tell me what you think? I love to hear that you are writing your own stories and books! And I wish I could read them. But unfortunately, if I did, I wouldn’t have time to write my own books, or keep my commitment to the writers in my writing groups. But read the next question for more information on writing.

I’m a writer, too. How can I learn more about writing and getting published?  Check out the Writers page to get tips on writing and places to send your work.

 Awards & Recognition

  • Winner, Colorado Book Award for Young Adult Literature
  • New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age
  • VOYA Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers
  • Scholastic Book Fair/Clubs Bestselling Title
  • Finalist, Louisiana Young Readers Award
  • Girl’s Life magazine selected Click Here as one of their “Top Ten” among books, TV, movies, and more. (April/May 2005 issue)


“The Young Adult Library Services Association of the American Library Association recommends Vega’s novel and suggests it as a resource to access during YALSA’s annual Teen Tech Week.” – by Alicia Rudnicki, Demand Media

“Like a Tootsie Pop, Vega’s novel is sweet and gives readers plenty to chew on. Readers who have just entered their teen years will likely also enjoy the novel’s bittersweet sequel, Access Denied (and other eighth grade error messages)…” – The

“Vega’s portrayal of Erin and her struggles rings very true in this book…I found the book delightful–funny and suspenseful at the same time.” –

“Click Here is one of the funniest, most entertaining novels I have read in a long time…This novel will keep all readers laughing and begging for more!” – Angela Etheridge, The Romance Reader’s Connection


“…excellent portrayal of the self-conscious vulnerability of the early teens, and of a girl growing out of a friend’s shadow into her own strength of character.” – Hilary Willimason,

“Click Here is a rollicking romp through all the friendship foibles of middle school mania that offers all kids a message of hope: you really CAN survive!” – Peggy Tibbetts,

“Overall, this is a heartfelt book about a girl becoming her own person.” – Publishers Weekly

“The characters and situations are believable, and readers will relate to and sympathize with Erin’s dilemmas.” – School Library Journal

“…the blog segments and first-person narration are immediate and funny.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Of the recent spate of Harriet the Spy remakes…this is both the wisest and the most compulsively readable.” – The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“…Erin’s solution to her dilemma is clever in this engaging first novel.” – VOYA

Click Here was included on a Top Ten list by Dobbs Ferry, Teen Librarian!

Is the sequel about Erin in 8th grade or later? The sequel is about Erin’s 8th grade year at Molly Brown Middle School. I won’t say anymore so you can enjoy reading it!

Did anything in this book happen to you in 8th grade? Nope – thank goodness. But the feelings Erin experienced – wanting to be treated older, do things her friends get to do, having a boyfriend – all of that is from my middle school and high school years. I think most people feel that way.

Are any of the characters based on people you know? Not really, though Serena is actually based on two or three boys who were mean to me in 5th-8th grade. They did get a little nicer as we got older. And I used names of people I know for some of the characters.

Will you write about Erin in high school – have a sequel to Access Denied? At this time, I don’t have any plans to take Erin and her friends beyond 8th grade. I hope you enjoy reading my other books with high school characters.

How can I have my own website or blog like Erin Swift in the books, Click Here and Access Denied?

There are a few places you can do this but I recommend talking to your parents first because its really important to BE SAFE. Never put in any personal information (full name, address, phone, school name, team name, stuff like that) so you are always safe online. Once you talk to them, have them search with you online for different places where you can keep a blog or have a website and make sure you always follow good Internet safety.

The other option is just to keep a private journal on your computer. You can even do it in Microsoft Word and give the document a password so no one can read it but you. Check Word’s online Help for instructions on how to do this.


“I’ll say it again: Denise Vega is a wonderful story-teller, juggling humor and uncertainty and the desperate desire to fit in so skillfully, you’ll be sucked into Erin’s world before you know it.” – Rita Lorraine

5 out of 5 stars!

“This book is a great coming of age story that takes all the usual ones to the next level..Erin’s story is unforgettable. The writing is great, the scenes are great, the characters are great, and the storyline is terrific! I read it in two sit-downs and still wanted more! I hope that in the future, there will be a third book of Erin Swift’s life of trying to survive public school.” – Reading to Myself

“Access Denied is a sometimes comical, sometimes poignant, and always captivating portrayal of teen angst. Vega draws an authentic picture of modern middle school mayhem and how popularity can lure anyone into leading a double life.” – Peggy Tibbetts

“Ever funny and clever, Erin tackles eighth grade…[her] ups and downs are humanizing, entertaining, and real.” – Kirkus Reviews

“I’m always a bit wary of when adults try to talk in a teen’s voice and computers are involved. For some reason, no matter how good the rest of the story is, the computer lingo always seems to be either dated or just plain off… Luckily this book had research done as teen web speak is done pitch perfect throughout the book… I would recommend this book for 7th graders and up. Teens will enjoy this book with a computer savvy main character who’s both boy and technology crazy with a good heart.” – Books, Movies & Chinese Food

“I am a[n] adult who enjoys reading YA and this book was extremely entertaining. As I read it, it brought me back to how absolutely angst-ridden being in high school can be. …There are some seriously funny passages, as well as some more touching and deep messages to all YA. I really enjoyed this one.” – Bookshipper

“An enjoyable read, this book is filled with the anxieties of middle school along with the thrills of new experiences. I like that the book has some realistic choices and dilemmas in it and still manages to stay appropriate in content for teen readers. …Erin is a very likable teen and I enjoyed reading about her adventures and misadventures with both her friends, boys, and not-quite friends.” – Enchanting Reviews “Lisa”

“…Denise Vega’s knee-slapping sense of humor and delightful story-telling abilities cast their magic spell…and people, I was hooked. …I’ll say it again: Denise Vega is a wonderful story-teller. She juggles humor and uncertainty and the desperate desire to fit in so skillfully, you’ll be sucked into Erin’s world before you know it.”- Young Adult (& Kids Book Central)

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  1. OMG I loved Click Here can’t wait to read Access Denied

    • So happy to hear that! Hooray! I’ll be celebrating CLICK HERE’S 10th birthday/anniversary next month – it has good staying power. :-)

  2. Great info. Lucky me I found youyr site by chanc (stumbleupon).
    I have saved as a favorite for later!

  3. Hey Denise, I really loved Click here and Access Denied. I’ve read some comments and you were saying that you were going to possibly write a short story based on Erin’s life and friends. If you haven’t already, maybe you could write just a book for the third one:] And I would be really happy and others would be delighted if you would write a series! I hope I’m not barging in your writing process but I’m just giving you some idea’s ;]

    Happy Writing -Nena :]

    • I’m so happy you loved the books! Thank you so much for taking time to let me know. Yes, I am definitely thinking about stories about Erin and have also considered continuing her life into high school. Right now I’m working on a book that is taking me FOREVER (as they sometimes do) and then I’ve got to other books after that. So it will be awhile before I can even think about more Erin stuff, but I promise I will! In the meantime, if you haven’t already, I’d love for you to check out my YouTube channel where I answer questions from readers about books, friends, guys, and more :-). .

      • Hello I’m chloe, you follow me on Instagram and I have commented many Times on your sight// PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a 3rd book to this series! I love and Need these books they are so realistic and I want to know more about mark and since the BEST ENDING OF A BOOK EVER please I’m begging you to write another book in the series I have 2 hard copies of your books from this series please let me have more to this collection start. A series that never ends “why did I say never, never is a really long time” if you keep going in the series I will personally call Dusney© Studios and ask them to make these books a movie! And I will love you even more than I do now( if that’s possibke) thanks sooooo much hope you decide to keep this series going ( and you could dedicate the book to ne

        • You are SO awesome!!! Your enthusiasm about the books is rockin’. I really, really am thinking about continuing the series, but I do have to say that the books I have lined up now to write are really exciting to me and I want to work on them. Oh, and feel free to call Disney and tell them to make the movies – ha! They did make a made for TV movie several years ago that had a similar plot line – a private journal going public – based on a novel called How My Private, Personal Journal Became A Bestseller by Julia DeVillers. It’s a fun book – you should read it! I’ll keep everyone posted on developments with future books about Erin and the gang!

      • Im just kidding about the dedication but that would be awesome these books made my life amazing I’m not even joking they have real situations and not like u want it to be like fairytales but real life and I envy that– thanks I love this series! : )

        • Okay, maybe not the dedication, but I’ve just made a note to name a character after you if/when I write another Erin book! I’m so happy you related to the books. I love realistic stories too, though I also like fantasy, paranormal, and a lot of other types :-). Thanks again for writing – it means A LOT to me that you took the time and you love the books as much as I do. xoxo

  4. Hi Miss Denise! Can I buy access denied directly from you? I’ve read click here years ago and up until now, I cant find the second book! I am from Philippines and I can’t find a store selling it here.. I also cant use any credit card cause I don’t have one that’s why i can’t buy online and also, my mom won’t let me use hers, so I’m planning to send you the payment hehe. I badly want it, Miss Vega :( Please help me :(

    • Hi! I’m so happy you want to read it. Before we go into the expense of an overseas shipment, I would recommend going to a bookstore near you and requesting it. I know there are a few in the Phillipines – not sure how far they are. That’s what we do here and they get it pretty quickly. If that doesn’t work, I’d be happy to sell you a copy (autographed if you’d like!) along with postage with payment in advance. We can talk about that once you let me know about whether your local bookstore will order it! BTW, I’ve just set up a YouTube channel for readers called Reader Rap. I hope you check it out and subscribe!

      • Miss Denise, Im so happy you’ve replied. Yes, I could pay in advance, if that’s the only way for me to get it (and of course, I would love to get that book with an autographed sign from you). How will I pay you? I went to some bookstores near my place and they said they could not :( Thanks Miss Denise :) I have a phone and can be used to call US numbers so if you have some time to spare with me, i would really appreciate it. Thanks Ms. Denise! God bless you! :)

        • If you can’t do an online payment with PayPal or credit card, then you can send a check for the book and postage. I’d need to get your address to calculate the postage. Can you send it to the moderator? moderatorATdenisevegaDOTcom. We’ll see if we can make this happen!

  5. I would like to thank you for writing these books. I am a 6th grader who can understand Erin. While I was reading this Erin became my best because mine had heard a rumour people said I spread. So thank you for getting me through half of 6th grade with Erin,Jilly,Blake,Cute Boy,Reede,and others!

    • You are so welcome! I’m so happy you took time to come here and tell me. I’m glad Erin helped get you through. Did you work things out with your best? Rumors can be so hurtful and with today’s technology, they can spread so quickly!

      • We worked it out and now I carry a P.E.K. Just in case.

        • Glad you worked it out with your friend. And thumbs up on the PEK – ha! Multiple uses, eh?

  6. Hi Denise! I’m 21–nearly 22 now– and I read Click Here when I was 7th. I fell so completely in love with the story. I remember three or four different times that year, I checked your website to see if you’d written a sequel. (I’m so happy you finally did!) I saved the book and passed it down to my 13 yr old sister. She has be re-reading it for years, and we just so happened to find out that you wrote another book! Suffice it to say, a collective freak out ensued! Now that I’m well OUT of middle school (I’m a rising senior at wellesley college), I want to thank you for your amazing story-telling. I also want to thank you for creating a story about a girl who’s interested in computer science and programming. In retrospect, I think I loved this book so much because it was one of the few books that depicted a regular girl who’s interests aren’t commonly ascribed to women. I guess it’s no suprise I ended up at women’s college! Lots of love, J.

    • OMG – this is the coolest thing ever! I love that you found me and wrote to me after reading CLICK HERE so long ago. That’a awesome. Love the collective freak out over the discovery of a sequel :-). Tell her I am contemplating writing some short stories or novellas about Erin and her pals–some from the viewpoints of other characters. Your words of thanks mean so very much to me and I’m THRILLED that you are at such an outstanding college, no doubt doing amazing things. What are you studying? I have two in college now – one will be a junior at USC and the other a sophomore at Northwestern. Our “baby” is now 16 and will be a junior in high school. Wowsa! Lots and lots of love back to you – your comment MADE MY WEEK!! xoxoxoxo

  7. Hey Denise! Just stumbled on emails I sent to you all the way back in 7th grade and it reminded me of how much I absolutely adored these books as a kid :) I have to find my copies and read them, I’m nearly 20 but I really am looking forward to reading it once again….and reading these comments about a possible 3rd book makes me SO happy. Don’t even care how old I am if it comes out, I’d read it no doubt about it!!

    • Oh, this is the coolest thing ever! Thank you so much for writing to share this with me. I love that you still had those emails! And it’s so fun that you want to go back and read them. And yes, I’m definitely contemplating more books about Erin, but I do have some books I want to write before that so we’ll see when it happens. Tell me what you’re up to? College? Working?

  8. Ok I will, and I really wish that click here should hav turned into a movie instead of that book but maybe greater things r yet to come. And I really hope that once ur done with ur other books to really think about writing a book about Erin in high school, I though I’ll graduate next year 2015 but who cares I’ll still read it , by the way I’m in the part where Erin and jilly c her brothers cute friend in the mall, I haven’t had time to read since school and all and finals. But whenever I do I try to read as much as I can like last week I read till 1 am! That’s how much I love ur books:D keep writing AWSOME books, ROCK ON ^*^!!

    • You’re sweet! I wish there had been room for both to be movies :-). I promise I really will think about writing another one and I’m glad you’ll read it, even after you graduate! I had one of my readers write me when she was headed off to college that she found her copy of CLICK HERE and either re-read it or packed it to take with her. That made my heart sing!

      So happy you love my books and they keep you reading. You’ve made my day…again! xoxo

      • I treasure my books so much! There in my number one list of favorite books along with the Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, Divergent, and the Maze Runner series. I just enjoy reading, and for sure I’ll make my daughter if I have one later on to read your books! Especially when she is about to start seven and eight grade, ( maybe even the one that might be out by that time about how Erin survives high school lol:D)!

        • Wow! I’m honored to have my books in the company of so many books that I love too! And it’s cool that you have diverse tastes – there are so many good books out there. Yes, encourage your future daughters to read my books :-). And maybe by then those high school books about Erin will be published – ha!

          • Hurray

          • Yes!

          • Hurray

          • Yea!

  9. Do you think there will be a movie from these books or a third book about how she survives high school??? because that would be great!!!!!! I’m almost done reading access denied and im so happy im reading it. I LOVE ur books!!!

    • Thank you! Thank you! I’d LOVE for their to be a movie! But so far no bites. It came out around the same time as another book called HOW MY PERSONAL, PRIVATE JOURNAL BECAME A BESTSELLER and that book was made into a Disney TV movie. But we can still hope! I’m thinking about a book with the gang in high school but have a few others I want to write first (that aren’t related to CLICK HERE and ACCESS DENIED). Check out ROCK ON when you’re done – I think you’ll like it :-).

      • Ok I will, I would hav prefer click here to hav become a movie instead of that movie, oh well but I’ll be crossing my fingers so it can become a movie, I even pray, lol. Well rock on and keep writing AWSOME books. And I hope you consider writing a third book for click here even if I graduate next year I’ll still read the book!

        • Thanks so much! See my reply to your other message too. xoxo

  10. Erin’s website!!!

    • I moved this comment to the CLICK HERE and ACCESS DENIED page. I’m not sure if you are asking or pointing out her website, but if you’re asking, click here to go to it!

  11. What inspired u to write these books ❓❔

    • I moved this to the CLICK HERE & ACCESS DENIED page because I assume that’s what you were asking about! The first book came about because of a friend whose daughter’s best friend was moving to a new school. When I first started it, the book was called My Own Two Feet and Jilly had moved to another state. But that wasn’t working so then I had her at the same school, just on a different track. You can find out more about the books on this page–check out the FAQs!

  12. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS, Your Book character Erin Penelope Swift! Every time I’m in a bad mood Erin helps me connect and feel a lot better. I told my mom that “if Erin was real, She would be my best friend” I really connect it feels good to know someone understand what it’s like. I told everyone in my class I’m going to email you and tell you to write a third book to the “click here” series and to tell you i would really love if you made a movie. Everyone in my class told me to tell you i need to be Erin ha ha ha…I know I’m talking a lot about your books but, I’m going to tell you a little about myself. I love playing sports and I love doing things on computer guess what I made a power point wishlist with effects and everything. I also stay up reading your books. I LOVEEEEEEEE CHOCOLATEEEE! But I really want you to write a third book!!!!!! :) you inspire me I’ve written books myself and i hope i can reach out to girls and capture true reality when i grow up thank you for writing those books :)Please Email me :) You are my hero!! Do you have a Instagram? I Loveeeeee Your BOOOOOOOKKKKSSSS and you!!!!! :)

    • I also have a copy of both books (Click Here and Access Denied) I am reading Access Denied right now I’m on Page: 65 Erin just kissed Blake and chocked they are getting some food #loveyourbooks


      • Awesome, awesome!!! I loved writing that scene :-). I love your Erin hashtag – that ROCKS!!!

    • I’m so happy you love the books! I’ve had a lot of reader ask about taking the characters into high school and I really have been thinking about it. Right now I’m working on a couple of books that I’m totally jazzed about so we’ll have to see how things go. I may write some short stories from the points of view of some of the other characters. If I did that, who would you like to hear from? Mark’s side of the story? Jilly’s? Rosie’s? Tyler’s? Let me know!

      And I would LOVE to see someone make a movie out of the books, but so far no bites. But if there is ever news, I’ll be tweeting and posting like crazy!

      What’s your favorite chocolate? Mine is Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate with mint and Dove chocolate.

      I’m so happy you’re writing books – so awesome. And I do have Instagram but haven’t used it yet! DeniseVegaBooks. You?

      BTW, since you liked CLICK HERE & ACCESS DENIED so much, you should check out ROCK ON – I think you’d like that too.

      Thank you so much for your enthusiastic and fun comment. Happy weekend!!!!

      • Well I’ve been planning to do a movie with this app and it’s not going be like the best movie ever but just like a sample type-thing. I like dove and Hershey’s they are the BEST!

        • This sounds interesting! What’s the movie app? Yea, Dove chocolate! I’ve become a chocolate snob and can’t eat regular Hershey bars anymore, though I like the dark chocolate kisses. :-)

      • I’m acually planning to make a sample movie thingy and I love dove and Hershey’s

        • Hooray! Tell me more about the sample “movie thingy” – that’s a very technical term – ha!

        • Otto about that I posted the comment like 4 times I thought I didn’t post

          • It has to get approved and if I’m away, it may take a few days!

      • I’m thinking about doing a little movie on the books with some friends and my fav. Chocolate is Hershey’s

        • Plain Hershey’s? Almonds? Do you like s’mores? I’ll eat Hershey’s in a s’more :-).

          • I love s’mores and I like with or without almonds

          • Love s’mores too! I’ve never had one with Hershey’s with almonds, but it sounds yummy!

          • i like all of those i would like to hear from mark and jilly they would have different points of view oh and i have almost finished casting for the movie i just have to type up the script and talk to some people who can help us then we will be good to go :)

          • This is really helpful to know what you’d like to read about. Thanks!

  13. Thank you so much for writing these books! I read them two years ago (sixth grade) and they’ve definitely helped me through my middle school years. It’s nice to have characters that you can relate to so easily. I still think of them every now and then. I would love to see how Erin battles 9th grade! Have a killer day xo.

    • That’s so cool! Thanks for taking time to write. I love that you could relate to the characters and that you still think of them :-). Erin in high school is definitely something that has come up with other readers so it’s on my radar. Have a great rest of your week! xo

  14. Ms. Vega,
    I luv your click here and access denied books. I luved the ending to the second one and i cried while reading the second one. I hope you make another book about erin and mark and rosie and jilly. They’re really interesting to me and relate to my life and school. We have mean people, popular people, people fighting, and people dating. Keep writing. You inspire a lot of people.

    • And I luv you for taking time to write and share your wonderful thoughts! Thank you so much. I’m glad you connected so deeply with the books and that you’d love to see more. I’m definitely thinking about it–I love those characters! And thank you for encouraging me to keep writing and that I inspire people – that means so much to me! Have a great week :).

  15. I hope there will be more sequals to these books because i love them soooooo much.
    I can’t wait to read more!!!!

    • Your enthusiasm is getting me motivated! I’ve got other books I’m working on now, but I promise I will really think about this and see where my interest and passion lead me. Thanks so much!

  16. HI!!! I am in love with your books about Erin Swift, I have read them both about ten times! I have to read more than these! Can you PLEASE make a third book!??? i am dying to know how Erin survives in High School! How her relationship with Mark continues, if Jilly or Rosie find boys to go out with. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! I want to read more! When u have time, try to make a third book. That will mean the world to me! thanks,
    Layla C.

  17. I hope there will be a sequel to this! I’d love to see what happens next for Erin in high school.

    • I’m so thrilled you’d like one! You aren’t the only ready to ask about that so it’s definitely on my radar. We’ll see how it shakes out after I finish these other books that I’m really pumped about writing :-). Thanks so much!!!

  18. i am so close to finishing ‘click here’ and i think that if i were in erin’s situation, i just might litterally DIE! i know for sure that i wouldn’t be able to go to school for at least a week and i would cry till i was dehidraded and i would probably puke all of the extra fluids that i didn’t ry out so,what do you think? would i die? i think i would. i already know this and i haven’t even finished the book!

    • OMG – your message was so awesome! I’m hoping you won’t die, but I can totally relate to your reaction. I had a few humiliating experiences in middle school so Erin is going through a lot of the emotions I did. Let me know what you think when you’re finished!!!

      • it was an ausome ending!! you probably already know that though. hehehe. i got this book for christmas and i stayed up a little last night to finish it. i cannot wait till i can find ‘access denied’. what kind of ending dose that have? dose she face another embarassment?

        • So glad you liked the ending (and that it kept you up a bit to get to the end)! I think ACCESS DENIED has a very satisfying ending. She faces some bigger challenges in that book – I hope you like it just as much!

          • i just don’t know where i’ll find it!!

          • It’s cheap so you can buy it or ask for it for a gift or check your library – lots of them carry it! If yours doesn’t, request it, baby. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  19. I really love your books.I wish u did a video of all your boot

    • Thank you! I’m planning to do some fun short videos about the books, but not for a few months. Happy New Year!

  20. can you tell me a summary about the book

    • You can see a short summary of each book on the Descriptions tab above. Happy New Year!

  21. Hey! I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to comment on the Blab O Rama a LOT lol! I used to be quite opinionated, too, lol. I sure was annoying! Thanks for putting up with me though! Anyway, I’m 16 now, and I thought I’d just say hi. How are you? Have you written any new books, or any new books about Erin? I just wanted to thank you so much for writing Click Here. I read that book YEARS ago and I still remember a lot of it, and that’s saying a lot because I usually don’t remember books years after I’ve read them. I just remember a lot of the stuff Erin went through and how I’ve gone through similar situations. When I was 11, and I first read Click Here, all of Erin’s situations and problems really BAFFLED me! I thought everything she went through was unimaginably hard (and it was). I thought I would never make it through middle and high school, if it was really like Erin’s school. Now I look back and I realize that I shouldn’t have worried! It’s nice to look back at things and laugh at your simple mindedness and realize you had nothing to worry about, isn’t it? Well, I must admit, I also had a bit of intent for writing this today. I did want to say hi and see how you were, but I also have a question. I’m in AP Language and Composition, and I have to write a satire paper. I know what satire is, but whenever I try to put it on paper, it never seems to come out right! I know it’s silly, but I must admit, I’m also a little bit shy, (We have to get up and read this in front of the class) and I really want my satire to come out strong and good. Not cheesy and stupid. Like I don’t want to make a fool out of myself by writing satire that ISN’T funny. That would be humiliating. So do you have any advice? My projects due in a few weeks. I have ideas, but I’m just so scared that it won’t come out the way I want it to, you know? Well thank you so much for everything! Bye!

    • So sorry for the delay! I’m so happy to hear from you and can’t believe you are 16. Are you driving? Our youngest is 15 1/2 and learning to drive. She’s doing a good job.

      I’m doing great, thanks for asking. I have a new agent and am working on a new novel that’s been ongoing for THREE years. I just kept hitting walls, one that lasted for eight months. But I worked on other things to keep my creativity going and am excited to have things moving finally. But it will be a few years before I have any new books out.

      Glad you can look back and see the progress you’ve made :-).

      And now to your class. I think the project is very cool – satire can be tough and that’s a great, fun challenge for that class. I think it’s great that you want to put forth your very best work. I don’t think satire always has to be funny, though if it is, it often makes a bigger and more lasting impression. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humor so even if you’ve written a rock star piece of satire, some peeps might just give you that blank stare :-). If it were me writing, it I’d pick a topic (do you get to pick your own topic?) that really mattered to me and that struck me as really absurd. That would probably come across as authentic.

      Good luck and PLEASE stop back by and let us know how it goes! xoxo

  22. I just finish readingClick Here to find out how I survived seventh grade

    • Awesome! Hope you liked it and will be checking out the sequel, ACCESS DENIED!

  23. Dear Ms. Vega,
    Hi! I just wanted to say that your books are great! :D My best friend Courtney had me read ‘Click Here’ and I loved it! I started ‘Access Denied’ on Google Playstore, but I would have had to buy it to get the whole story, so I’m going to look for it in the library. What I read was really good, though.
    I hope Mark and Erin get together!!!
    Like you, I want to be an author. I am working on a story right now, and it’s so great. What I don’t like is the fact that sometimes I get writers block (grrr) but normally it’s really fun. Do you have any tips on writing, or writers block for me?
    P.S. I didn’t use my real name because my mom wouldn’t let me, but you may see my book in stores some day!! :)
    P.S.S. I REALLY hope you write more Erin books. She’s a great character, and I like Mark too.
    Thanks again!! :) :) :)

    • I’m glad your mom suggested you be safe online – that’s great! And when your books come out, you can let me know with your real name via the moderator (or here if you are an adult by then) – hooray!

      So glad you liked CLICK HERE and kudos to Courtney for hooking you up. If you can’t find ACCESS DENIED in your library, ask them to order it. Or maybe you and Courtney could go in on buying the paperback – it’s only $5.99 :-). And if you send me a postage-paid envelope, I’ll send an autographed bookplate.

      I’m psyched to hear you are working on your own story. I’m right there with you about blocks. I had a HUGE one in 2012 – lasted 8 months before I busted through (I write about it in a couple of posts on my blog). You can check out tips on that at my .

      Keep writing and keep me posted!!!

  24. please make a book about her in 9th grade! your book was awesome and i would be upset to see it end! i want to see how mark and erin go with dating.

    • I’m definitely thinking about this, but have a few other books I want to write first. And I’m really hoping more people buy ACCESS DENIED so my publisher is open to more Erin stories. Spread the word! I also am considering writing some side stories about different characters that would be available as e-stories. Erin beyond ACCESS DENIED is definitely a possibility for one of those stories. Thanks so much for taking time to write!

  25. I’m reading the book ” Click Here, find out how I survived the seventh grade”, on the back page it said to go to,it lead me here, now I’m trying to find the character Erin P Swift’s webpage. Does anybody know were I can find it? Thanks

    • Here’s a direct link, For future reference, go to the Books menu and then to the Click Here/Access Denied page. There is a link at the top of the page. Have fun!

  26. Dear Denise Vega,
    I am obsessed with your books. Are you going to make one about Erin’s life in 9the grade? PLEASE DO! I really enjoyed reading these books, and I can’t find another like it. Please make another!

    • I’m so happy you like my books! Right now I don’t have plans to write about Erin in high school but I’m thinking about doing some stories from different perspectives/other characters. But I’m so happy you want to read more. I hope you’ll check out ROCK ON, my newest book. If you liked CLICK HERE and ACCESS DENIED, I think you’ll like ROCK ON too! Happy weekend!

  27. Dear Denise Vega,
    I am going into 6th grade this year and I got nervous until I read Click Here.I was obsessed with it. I ended up reading it in 3 hours. I locked myself in my room until I finished it. I got the book from my local library in the ‘Young Adults’ section. Thank you for writing this marvelous book!

    • I’m so glad you loved the book so much! And check out the sequel–ACCESS DENIED–when you have a chance. I’m sure you’ll do great in 6th grade – are you in middle school now or is 6th grade the top of the heap in elementary school? I know different schools do it differently. Have an awesome year!!!

  28. I absolutly LOVED the series. COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!! :) seriously, i stayed up til midnight reading it, and snuck it for a quick read whenever i could! I loved it soooooooooooooo much :D
    Write on!

    • Taylor,

      Woo hoo! You rock! I love that you stayed up late to keep reading. You made my day!!! Hugs, girl!

  29. Well, your books Click Here and Access Denied really inspired me to make my own website on html. I mean, it’s simple and all, but how do you make those things on your website, like, yours is like, HOME, BOOKS, VIDEOS+, and stuff. I can’t seem to figure it out.

    BTW, I LUV LUV LUV your books!

    • I’m impressed that you are creating your site with html! My son has built a few like that. As for as the links at the top of my site, I used WordPress and just set up a new page and it automatically gets added to the menu. You may want to check out – you can set up a free site/blog. That’s what I used for Erin’s site and the Colorado Rocks site from my book ROCK ON. It’s really easy to get started and a lot of it is automatic.

      BTW, I LUV LUV LUV you and that you are reading (and that you love my books) – woohoo!

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